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Simple, secure and high-performance Hyper Converged Infrastructure to enhance your user experience!

VirtualStor®ConvergerOne Advantage

Online Expansion
  • Decentralized cluster with no single point of failure and no service interruption

  • Uninterrupted service during node expansion/removal and maintenance

  • Linear capacity and performance growth with number of nodes

  • Supports up to 32 nodes in one cluster

Storage Service for VMs
  • Performance pool (SSD)

  • Capacity pool (HDD with RAID protection)

  • Mixed pool (HDD with SSD cache)

Flexible resource assignment
  • Block level protocol: iSCSI / RBD

  • File level protocol: NFS / CIFS

Clear Resource Overview in One Web UI (Cluster, Compute an Storage Resource)
  • Real-time resource usage and status

  • Quick monitoring of all nodes status (including resource status, operation status, error logs, VM status, HDD SMART, storage traffic, and utilization level of each node and VM)

  • Show resource status in charted

Physical Server Nodes Resource Management
  • Quick overview on compute, networking and storage resource usage

  • Server hardware status monitoring

  • Hardware RAID and HDD status monitoring

Clearly Resource List for Monitoring and Easy Administration
  • Provide complete events and logs

Unified and Friendly Web UI
Cluster Management
  • Easy node management

  • Storage resource pool management

  • Resource dashboard

Physical Resource Management
  • Server hardware resource management via Web UI including networking configurations, HDD and RAID management, physical resource usage and operation status.

Virtualization Resource Management
  • Virtualized storage resource pools that allows users to add any SSDs and HDDs in the cluster nodes to create different pool types with variable performance and capacity levels, and dynamically assigned to NFS/CIFS or RBD accesses.

  • Virtualized computing resources management that allows easy control over VM backup and snapshots, HA config and online migration.

Automated Protection
  • Built-in data replicas of up to 10 replicas

  • Smart data replicas distribution to maximize protection level

  • Fast data recovery to ensure data availability

VM Protection
  • VM snapshots (online/offline): Reserves operation status of the VMs with copy on write snapshots to create a read only restore point.

  • VM backup (online/offline): Snapshot-based online VM backup that also reserves data status.

Data Snapshots Protection
  • Block level snapshots for VMs data

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